PRMS Automated Data Collection

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Automated Data Collection

Our approach to automated data collection with PRMS is to "keep it simple". The simplification of the scanning operation is critical to the business function. It is all about workflow. Our RF programs are built to emulate the workflow of the actual business process. They run live on your IBM System and work on line with PRMS, using your existing business rules built into PRMS. Our solution is tailored to work with PRMS version 8.4 and higher.

The existing PRMS screens were never created to emulate the workflow of the operation; instead, they were designed to support manual batch processes after the actual work had taken place. This is where most of the productivity is gained in the automated RF data collection implementation. The value of timely (and accurate) data in the system provides increased levels of information in the hands of people who need that knowledge.

With our "keep it simple" approach you can significantly shorten your ROI period and immediately deliver to your bottom line.

Here is a list of commonly RF-enabled PRMS programs:

  • IN0022 - Warehouse Transfers
  • PO0410 - Purchase Order Receipts
  • PO0420 - Disposition Update
  • SF0320 - Shop Floor Production/Labor Entry
  • IN0021 - Inventory Adjustments
  • IN0008 - Product Inquiry
  • IN0650 - Cycle Count/Physical Inventory
  • OB01XX - Shipment Confirmation
  • SF0050 - Shop Floor Material Transactions
  • RO0410 - Replenishment Order Receipts
  • RO0290 - Replenishment Order Shipment
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